Juris Paiders: EU needs Ukraine as a reservoir of cheap, undemanding workforce

The EU doesn’t await Ukraine with its industry. Europe needs Ukraine only as a new reservoir of cheap, undemanding and mentally close workforce. The article of «the Price of Ukrainian choice» by the Head of the Union of journalists of Latvia, political scientist Juris Paiders told.

«Currently, we are witnessing an unprecedented Evromaidan event of hundred thousand of the Ukrainians. Incredible! Do Ukrainians really believe that the EU will manage to solve all economic problems and ensure observance of laws by all the residents of Ukraine? The truth is that for integration of Ukraine with the population of more than 45 million (which equals the population of the eight countries of the Baltic States combined) in the budget of the European Union there is no money enough», says Paiders, reflecting on the current situation in Ukraine.

Latvian political scientist shared the views of Mark Adonis, Forbes commentator on the current situation around unsigned agreement about Ukraine’s integration with EU.

«If Ukraine would have signed the Agreement on Association with the EU, there would be no economic improvements, which the particular Ukrainian politicians sing odes to. And then the Ukrainians would accuse not the swinishness of local authorities, but the policy of Europe. The truth, which so skillfully hides behind the words of Pro-European policy, is as follows: Europe doesn't need the Ukrainian industry. But to ensure a new tank is reservoir of undemanding and mentally close workforces, in case when the resources of the Baltic and other Eastern-European states are exhausted – is what Europe doesn’t mind to get».

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