Dmitry Vydrin: Evromaidan fights for the liquidation of Ukraine’s independence

Maidan of Independence square has turned into Evromaidan. This means that the majority of Ukrainians voted for the liquidation of the independence of the country, preferring it to the protectorate of Europe, says Adviser to the President of Ukraine, political scientist Dmitry Vydrin.


«The main slogan of the Evromaidan is Ukraine under the protectorate of Europe. I suppose that's the reason of Maidan having eliminated the concept of «Independence», political analyst said in an interview with Glavkom.

External management is considered by Vydrin as an abrogation of people’s responsibility, consequently, the loss of independence of the state.

«Maybe the country simply lacks good team of managers», said Vydrin. According to the politician, numerous actions and demonstrations – so-called «National Veche», « National Uprising» - are groundless. The opposition had no real alternative to the existing order of the socio-political life of the country.


Dmitry Vydrin said that this year will be significant one for the Ukrainian people.

«2014 can become a turning point in respect of the delivery of independence of Ukraine to the European Union, there is already no Maidan of Independence, but Evro one», continued Vydrin.


«This means that we are not ready for independence or did not create elite, people can believe as one of the independent state», he concluded.

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