London Mayor: the significance of the EU is a myth

In the article published in the publication "The Telegraph" London Mayor Boris Johnson has said that he believes that the importance of the EU is a myth, in which people were led to believe.

"For more than 50 years we were told that the united Europe is one of the most important bases of the world security," Johnson told. He noted that the European Union was created to prevent another war and to combat the communism, but those times are far in the past. "Take a look at the modern Germany. Who may expect there a new turn of military revanchism? The USSR no longer exists. Today the main dispute is about the fact with whom Ukraine should be: with Moscow or with Brussels. And in any case, it does not have such a fundamental importance for the Western Europe," the London Mayor emphasized.

Many politicians frighten the UK with loss of millions jobs and outflow of foreign investments in case of leaving the European Union. But Boris Johnson notes that he does not see the certain arguments in favor of the EU. "It is possible, that there are some pros in its existence, but they have yet to be clearly formulated. When I was writing these lines my fixed line phone rang. I don't know about you, but usually people call it by mistake. All my acquaintances and colleagues usually call my cell phone. I have long been thinking about refusing from the service of the fixed line phone at all. Something tells me that the EU is the same fixed line phone in geopolitics of the XXI century. It allows you to give belated responses to the questions that sunk into oblivion," the British politician considers.

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