Natalia Korolevskaya: in January 2014 the payment of the pensions will be carried out according to the schedule

The Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Natalia Korolevskaya stated that in Ukraine in January 2014 the payment of pensions would be carried out in accordance with the approved schedule.

Funding for the pensions, which according to the schedule should be paid before January 7, 2014, was provided in the last days of the past year.

"This year the first week of January, when the payment of pensions starts, is festive. However, to avoid any inconveniences for the citizens, to ensure these payments nearly 2.4 billion UAH were transferred to post offices and branches of banks on December 30, 2013," Korolevskaya noted, "The post offices will begin the payments on January 4 and will also work on January 6. As for the Pension Fund, it will work on January 3 and on this very day it will prolong the financing of payments of the pensions."

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