Over 1,000 selected volunteers will join the one-way expedition to Mars

After the first qualifying round, 1,058 people have been selected for the one-way expedition to Mars, report organizers of Mars One project.

The potential residents of Mars were selected from 200,000 volunteers who applied to join the project. The future colony on the seventh largest planet in the Solar System will include residents of 107 countries, with the USA being an unquestionable leader here - 297 citizens of the country were selected from the volunteers. Selection from Canada includes 75 people, from India - 62, from Russia - 52.

According to Mars One organizers, the key task during the selection of candidates was to divide the volunteers into those willing to join in and take the project seriously and those, who are not suitable by various parameters.

For further selection of the first “astronauts-settlers” the project organizers plan to run various tests on physical and psychological level of candidates. Also additional enrollment of applications from all interested to join the mission is planned.

After all the qualifying rounds in 2015 the organizers plan to select 24 people who will fly to live in the new colony on Mars.

Private project Mars One plans to deliver the first group of volunteers to Mars in 2023. The people will become the founders of the first colony of settlers.

To join the project, the applicant must be 18 or older, outgoing, determined and creative person, who can easily adapt to changing circumstances. The project is open to residents of any country and any nationality.

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