Reconstruction of Kharkov river embankment to finish by December 2014

Reconstruction of Kharkov river embankment will be finished by December 2014; the open tender was won by local company Stalkonsturuktsiya, reports the “Public Procurement” web portal. The Customer, Construction, Repair and Renovation Center at the Department of Construction and Road Facilities (Kharkov City Council) - signed with the winner of the tender a 4.63 million UAH agreement. The tender had two bids, by Stalkonsturuktsiya and “Smith. Computers and networks” (Kharkov).

Under the agreement the company will cover the embankment with approximately 250 sq. m. of granite rock and will repair about 240 sq. m. of sidewalks, planting 532 sq. m. of lawns and 6 trees. The tender winner pledged to clean up 560 cubic meters of debris. The company will also need to drill more than 2,000 holes in concrete structures and cut 22,000 meters of granite slabs 40-60 mm. thick.

Restoration of the existing granite blocks will be done by blazing method - first, the blocks will be cleaned from the inside and only then on the outside.

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