“Kharkov is a working city, we have no time to go on strike," Director of the Transport Department

Drivers of Kharkov municipal transport are not going to join the Ukrainian strike announced by some media, said Sergei Dulfan, Director of the Department of Transport and Communications of Kharkov City Council on January 2. According to the official, employees of Kharkov transport companies receive their wages and benefits on time.

Sergei Dulfan noted that the photographs posted on the Internet show trams and trolleybuses with campaign posters that are not related to Kharkov: “All license plates are included in the Uniform State Register, so it is very easy to check what city the transport serves. The photo of our tram most certainly was made using a photo editor, as the slogan is "stuck" on rear window angle, and if you zoom in, you will see that the slogan is too flat. “Kharkov is a working city; we have no time to go on strike.”

Kharkov municipal transport operates in standard regime. Drivers have not heard about the planned strike, there is not a single poster urging to join the strike on trams and trolleybuses of the city. This was stated by Andrew Budreyko, Director of Saltovskoe Depot, as well as by heads of other tram and trolleybus depot in Kharkov.

A meeting of the heads of Kharkov transport companies with the employees has been scheduled for today, January 3, said Igor Terekhov, Deputy Mayor of Kharkov on Municipal Development.

On January 2 some media reported that the workers of Kharkov transport companies are ready to join the Ukraine-wide strike that the drivers go on the routes with campaign posters expressing their outrage against social policies of the government and call the citizens to join the strike.

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