US airlines cancel thousands of flights due to snowstorm

More than 2,000 flights were canceled in the US after a powerful blizzard struck the northeast of the country, reports BBC. The snow front will cover 22 states with a total population of 120 million people.

Weather people warn of dropping temperature and gusty winds in the coming hours and forecast a heavy snowfall in Boston and New England.

In the north of Pennsylvania and New York, in many parts of New Jersey and New England states, from 15 to 28 centimeters of snow is expected. In some places the speed of snowfall is likely to reach 6 inches per hour, which would greatly complicate road clearing. In one of Massachusetts cities 53 cm of snow fell in a few hours. According to meteorologists, the wind speed in some areas will top 70 kilometers per hour. Chicago’s O'Hare Airport has suffered more than others from bad weather, canceling more than 650 flights already by Thursday evening. Operation of a number of other airports, including New York's LaGuardia, is seriously disrupted.

New England declared a state of emergency - the authorities urge people not to go out unless absolutely necessary. New York State announced it would close some schools on Friday. New York governor introduced the state of emergency and urged the New Yorkers not to leave their homes on Friday, if possible.

Weather conditions, according to weather forecasts, will get back to normal on Friday-Saturday the earliest.

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