The Council of muftis of Russia cursed Volgograd terrorists

The official statement of the Council of muftis of Russia, which was made after the terroristic acts in Volgograd, declares that Islam and Muslim ummah curse the terrorists.

The Council is sure that that the Almighty will punish the terrorists with a horrifying retribution. In this regard ummah refers to the Surah of the Koran.

"The one, who will intentionally cause death, will have Gehenna in fire as his last place," they cite the holy book of Muslims.

"The Muslims of Russia angrily condemn the explosions and call on peace and unity against the terror. The Council of muftis of Russia on behalf of multi million ummah expresses its deepest condolences to all the families of the victims. We mourn and ask the Almighty in our prayers to give patience and courage to the families of the peopled who died and the soonest recovery to the victims of this terrible terroristic act," the statement informs.

The Council of muftis also notes that Muslims of the country are ready to provide assistance to the victims of the terroristic act by donating blood or purchasing the necessary medicines for the treatment.

Moreover, in connection with the terroristic act in Volgograd the Council of muftis of Russia appeals to all people to remain calm and not to yield to provocations, to be more vigilant and to report immediately to law enforcement authorities the information about the suspicious objects in public places and in public transport.

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