The wife of Alexandr Vertinskiy passed away

The actress and the artist Lydia Vertinskaya passed away in the morning of January 1 at the age of 90 years.

"Today in the hospital after a long lasting illness at about 2:00 p.m. Lydia Vertinskaya passed away," the daughter of the late Marianna Vertinskaya informed.

"Lydia Vertinskaya the mom of Nastya and Masha, the wife of Alexandr Vertinskiy and simply one of the most mysterious and beautiful actresses of the Soviet cinematography passed away. In spring she celebrated her 90th anniversary, we congratulated her in the magazine ... and now the sad news has arrived. This woman had a lot: a long life, the great love and the kindness of her daughters.

Several movies but all of them were great! They were forever inscribed into the golden fund of the Soviet cinematography," the actor Stanislav Sadalskiy wrote in his blog in the LiveJournal.

Lydia Vertinskaya was born on April 14, 1923 in Harbin in the family of the servant of Chinese Eastern railway, Vladimir Tsurgava.

Lydia Vertinskaya made her debut in the cinematography in 1952, playing the role of Phoenix bird in the movie Sadko. She also starred in the movies Don Quixote, New adventures of Puss in Boots, Kievlyanka and Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors.

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