Utah State rallies to scrap gay marriage

Authorities of Utah State appealed to the US Supreme Court requesting the latter to scrap same-sex marriages, legalized in the state by the decision of the court.

State lawyers demand to suspend the practice of same-sex marriages authorized by a federal judge on December 20, prior to consideration of the appeal filed against the court’s decision.

“Each of these marriages is contrary not only to the interests of the state and its citizens ... but also the court's role as the arbiter of this dispute," reads the statement of the State lawyers. They demand to solve the question about definition of marriage by "democratic methods" rather than a court order.

On December 20, Federal Judge Robert Shelby declared unconstitutional ban on gay marriage that existed in Utah. From that day about 900 same-sex couples have officially registered their relationship.

Utah is one of the most conservative States in the United States. Most of Utah population are followers of Mormonism, the religion that originated in the United States in the 19 century. Mormons have conservative views on social issues and oppose same-sex marriages.

In the US same-sex marriages are legal in 18 states and the District of Columbia. Different states legalized the measure by the decision of the court, by state parliament’s vote or by a referendum.

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