Michael Schumacher is in hospital in coma

The legendary racer, sevenfold champion of Formula 1 Michael Schumacher, skiing on the resort Meribel in the French Alps, received serious head injuries and is currently in hospital in the state of artificial coma.

"I don't know how serious his injuries are. The police have already begun an investigation, which is intended to establish the reasons for the incident. Now I cannot say if it occurred in one of our tracks or outside it," the manager of the ski station informed.

The doctors assess the condition of Schumacher as critical, in spite of the fact that in the first minutes the racer was conscious.

"He was delivered with serious cranial trauma, which demanded the immediate neuro-surgical intrusion. Last night he was in the critical condition and remains in the critical condition till now," the head of the reanimation department of the hospital, to which Schumacher was delivered, told.

The doctor Stefan Shabard also noted that, if the racer were skiing without helmet, most likely, he would have died.

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