From January 1 gas price in Ukraine will drop by one third

The National Commission on State Regulation of the Energy Sector (NKRE) decreased the gas price for the budget-financed enterprises by 29.2 percent and for the industrial consumers - by 10 percent. The gas price decrease does not include the VAT, expenses for transportation, distribution and shipment.

According to the resolution of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, which was drafted according to the NKRE recommendations, the new price is 2,448 hryvnas per 1,000 cbm for the budget sector and 3113 hryvnas per 1,000 cbm for the commercial enterprises. Before the resolution came into force, since July 1, 2013 the price has been 3,459 hryvnas per 1,000 cbm.

For the gas and heating utility enterprises the price stays the same - 1,309.2 hryvnas per 1,000 cbm (including the VAT, target markup and tariffs for transportation, distribution and shipment).

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