All elevators in Kremenchug will be switched off on the New Year's eve

It will be done officially to ensure their safety.

The UNIAN news agency reported that, according to the information of the director of the specialized maintenance and construction administration Kremenchugliftservice Alexandr Antipenko, the corresponding decision was made on December 30 during the meeting with the Mayor of Kremenchug Oleg Babaev.

"We will switch off the elevators on December 31 in the evening and will switch them on January 1 in the morning. This is done in order to preserve the elevators. It is better to descend and ascend one night than to wait for the repair," Antipenko said.

According to Antipenko, the cellular communication on the night of December 31 is poor, therefore, if an elevator breaks the passengers will not be able to call the emergency brigade and will attempt to get out from the elevator car themselves, damaging the doors. "I know from experience, that elevators in the Kremenchug houses are damaged most often on the New Year night: the doors and the buttons are pulled out, the lifting mechanisms are broken and the elevator cars interior is damaged," he added.

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