The protodeacon Kuraev is no longer a professor and a lecturer

According to the report of the press-service of Moscow Spiritual Academy (MSA) on Tuesday, the well-known Orthodox blogger and the missioner protodeacon Andrey Kuraev was excluded from the professors of the MSA for the "provocative" statements and publications in the mass media and in blogs.

The corresponding order was approved in the course of the meeting of the academic council of MSA on Monday.

"The academic council stated that protodeacon Andrey Kuraev regularly gives interviews for mass media and writes in blogs the epatage publications, and that his activity in these areas in a number of cases remains scandalous and provocative. In this regard, the academic council stated that the protodeacon Andrey Kuraev should be excluded from among the teaching staff, and should be excluded him from the number of professors of MSA, while keeping in mind that the title of the professor he was awarded by another higher educational institution," the message informs.

During the meeting the issue of the absence from the side of Kuraev a positive reaction to the order of the academic council dated March 12, 2012 was discussed, in which he was "reminded friendly" that the "title of the professor of the Moscow Spiritual Academy imposes the high responsibility for the form and the content of the public statements, because they are used to make judgments about the educational institution and about the whole Church."

Kuraev was born in 1963 in Moscow. During 1993 - 1996 he was a Dean of the Philosophical and Theological Department of the Russian Orthodox University named after St. John the Apostle. Since 1997 he is a professor of the St. Tikhon's Orthodox University. Since the fall semester of 2004 the primary employment of Kuraev is at MSA, though he continues to read lectures in the St. Tikhon's Orthodox Institute (now the university).

In 1994 Kuraev defended a thesis in the Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences in candidacy for a degree of the candidate of science in philosophy, and in 1995 he defended a candidate of science thesis in theology in the Moscow Spiritual Academy. In 1996 Patriarch Alexy II upon the recommendation of the academic council of the Russian Orthodox University awarded Kuraev with a title of the professor of theology. The protodeacon is also a senior staff scientist of the Department of Philosophy of Religion and of the Religious Studies of the Department of Philosophy in the Moscow State University.

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