Glazyev called Euromaidan schizophrenia

The publication National Interest informed in its article that the Adviser of the President of the Russian Federation Sergey Glazyev compared Euromaidan in Ukraine with schizophrenia.

"In the terms of language of psychologists, Euromaidan may be described as schizophrenia, when the distorted perception of reality causes numerous problems. In the center of this is the pathological interaction between all parties of the conflict: the opposition, the government, the big business, European officials and politicians and their Russian and American colleagues," the Radio Freedom informs citing Glazyev.

According to the Putin's Adviser, "the reality of the Association Agreement has nothing in common with the version and a dream, which is offered to its supporters in Ukraine."

Glazyev asserts that this reality, about which he is writing, does not mean the improvement of the living standards or "new rights in Europe" for the Ukrainians.

"The draft of the Association Agreement, about which the leaders of Euromaidan speak, is a potential burden of new commitments for Ukraine, namely: the obligation to fulfill the European directives regarding the trade policy, the technological and antimonopoly regulation, veterinary and phytosanitary control, subsidies and the governmental procurement, intellectual property rights, as well as the obligation to follow in the track of the European foreign policy," Glazyev wrote.

He added that, "in case of signing of the Association Agreement with the EU Ukraine will place itself under the European jurisdiction and actually will turn into a colony."

"Ukrainian politicians, who are fighting for such a "privilege", position themselves as nationalists, swear to the inviolability of the sovereignty of Ukraine and declare impossibility of making Ukraine to be under control of the supranational authority. However, they also demonstrate the persistent readiness to present this sovereignty to the European Commission, the directives of which they do not mention," the article informs.

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