More than 60 people poisoned on New Year corporate party

The victims were eating rolls and sushi. Some 63 people approached Surgut medical facilities from 10 am on December 28 to 08 am on December 30 and were diagnosed with acute intestinal infection; 28 people have been hospitalized, reports the press office of Russia’s Interior Ministry.

"The presumed cause of the disease is eating substandard products during the corporate New Year's Eve," says the statement.

As already known, all the victims took part in the New Year's celebrations served by the same catering business, Trel cafe (Cabaret Plus company) on Thursday, 26 December 2013. The menu included Japanese cuisine: rolls and sushi. Now activities of cafe are suspended, corporate evenings have been canceled, the employees line up for an additional medical examination, reports Yugra local TV channel.

According to preliminary reports, the victims have been infected with salmonellosis.

Note: Salmonella secrete choleriform toxin in human bodies. The main carriers of salmonella are pets and people infected by them. In some products (milk, meat), salmonella not only preserved but breeds, without any change to the appearance and taste of foods. Salting and smoking of the products have little effect on them, while freezing even increases the survival time of microorganisms in foods. Salmonella die at the boiling water temperature.

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