EU delegation approves investigation of Chornovol beating

This was stated by the deputy head of the EU delegation in Ukraine Maria Yurikova. She also emphasized that freedom of expression and the protection of citizens' rights are the fundamental principles of any democratic state.

“We urge the Interior Ministry to do everything to solve this crime and support all areas of your work for establishing the particulars of this case,” quoted Yurikova by UNIAN.

The statement comes after a meeting at the Interior Ministry dedicated to the issue, which gathered Ambassadors of five countries (USA, Germany, Finland, Portugal and Spain), the deputy head of the EU Delegation in Ukraine, as well as representatives of the Embassies of Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Great Britain and Greece. The meeting took place on December 30 on the initiative of foreign guests.

Nikolai Chinchin, Chief of Investigation Department of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine, briefed the diplomats on the investigation of the case of beating the journalist and social activist Tatyana Chornovol. He also told the guests about the examinations and that video recording from Borispol highway has been seized and is currently examined.

In conclusion, the US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Paett assured Ukrainian law enforcers that diplomats understand that the investigation should be clearly within the law and in accordance with appropriate procedures. However, the Ambassador asked the leadership of the state, particularly the Interior Ministry, to keep a keen eye on investigation of the case.

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