Kosovo Ripper nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

US Congressmen lobbying Albanian interests have nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize the Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, who is infamous for earning money on the black transplantology.

Thaci, known by the saying nickname "Snake", joined the Albanian nationalists in the age of 20. Starting 1992, he has been seen in the activities of illegal armed groups. In the organization "People's Movement of Kosovo" which later grew into the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), Thaci was responsible for finance, training and weapons. According to the Serbia’s Interior Ministry, the "Drenitskaya group", where the current Prime Minister of Kosovo belonged, was involved in 15% of all crimes committed in the region. In 1997, a Serbian court sentenced Thaci to 10 years in prison and issued an international arrest warrant.

"Thaci felt himself the master of situation in Kosovo in 1999. Because of NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, Serbian soldiers and police withdrew from the region. Kosovo formally came under international control, but in fact, it was administered by Albanians supported by the United States and leading EU countries. It is not necessary to remind what happened next. Thousands of Serbs and other non-Albanians were killed, hundreds of thousands - fled. The fact that warlord Thaci was involved in this is an open secret," say various media.

In autumn 2007, Thaci headed the government. Under his leadership on February 17, 2008 Kosovo declared independence, rather questionable from the standpoint of international law: the majority of UN member states do not recognize its separation from Serbia; in fact, Thaci manages the region (under the patronage of the US, the EU and NATO).

Meanwhile, according to the German intelligence service BND, Thaci is one of the main links between politics and organized crime. "Hunting”, a book by former Hague tribunal prosecutor Carla Del Ponte, tells us that in 1999 KLA militants kidnapped about 300 Serbs and other non-Albanians, deporting them to Albania. Weak and sick were killed immediately, while more healthy were fattened, like cattle, and then sent to illegal operation rooms where surgeons took away their heart and kidneys. Donor organs were subsequently transported to Europe, Israel and Turkey. Thaci himself received 80% of income from the sales.

Meanwhile, though a report on Thaci crimes was lying on the tables of Western leaders, it did not receive a ‘green light’. This was regretfully noted by Dick Marty, Swiss deputy at PACE.

"We found that the “Drenitskaya group” was headed by... Hashim Thaci. He and other members of the "Drenitskaya group" constantly referred to as "major players" in intelligence reports on Kosovo organized crime structures,” reads the Marty’s report.

When PACE initiated an investigation, it was found that organ trafficking in Kosovo started in 2008. Under the guise of Kosovo authorities in Pristina, one Medicus clinic deceitfully lured donors from many countries. They confiscated human organs without paying money.

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