The negotiations between experts of Iran and «the six» were held in Geneva

The new round of talks between experts of Iran and «the six» (USA, China, Russian Federation, France, Germany, UK) was held in Geneva today. Experts gathered to discuss the mechanism of implementation of the agreement provisions, concluded by the parties in Geneva on November, 24.

The delegation of the «six» was headed by Steven Clement, the assistant Commissioner of EU on foreign affairs and security policy Catherine Ashton. The Iranian delegation was headed by the representative of Foreign Ministry of Iran Hamid Baydinejad.

Implementation of the Agreement can begin in January, 2014, said the deputy of Iranian Foreign Ministry Abbas Arakchi.

Before, the Agreement between Iran and the six countries was signed on the reduction of volumes of manufacture of the enterprises of nuclear industry of Iran in exchange for the lifting of the sanctions in Western countries. In addition, the Iranian government agreed not to enrich uranium more than to 5%. Uranium enriched to 20%, government will dilute to 5%.

According to the draft, tabled by Iranian deputies on December, 25, the authorities will complete the equipment of nuclear facilities at Natanz and Forda in case of failure to comply with the provisions of Agreement by six countries. The enterprises will be allowed to enrich uranium up to 60%.

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