The participants of Euromaidan painted Azarov's fence of with their demands to remind him what they wanted

The people's deputy from Batkivshchuna Alexandr Briginets informs at his web page on Facebook that hundreds of vehicles with the participants of Euromaidan came to the residence of the Ukrainian Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov in the settlement Koncha Zaspa near Kiev and painted his fence.

During 15 minutes the participants of Euromaidan were knocking on the metal fence surrounding the Prime Minister, and then painted it with the demands of Maidan.

"The record is set: 500 meters of the fence of the state residence, where Azarov and Ribak live (the chair of Verkhovna Rada - ed.) were subjected to dense knock by several thousands of the participants of Euromaidan." I think, some of the officials had to change their diapers," Briginets writes. "The fireworks and collective singing of the national anthem of Ukraine was the final of the action. The year 2013 was the year of warning of the authorities. In 2014 we are not going to make jokes."

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