The athletes from Kharkov won the Cup of Ukraine in short track

The athletes from Kharkov won two golden, three silver and four bronze medals at the Cup of Ukraine in short-track.

As reported by the web site of the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports of Kharkov Regional State Administration, Dmitriy Poltavets was the first on the distance 1,500 m and Yevgeny Gutenev came to finish the second. Yevgeny Gutenev also won silver medal on the distance 500 m and bronze medal on the distance 1,000 m.

The athletes from Kharkov received one more victory in the men relay-race on the distance 3,000 m. Yevgeny Gutenev, Dmitriy Poltavets, Artem Khmelevskiy, Nikita Sokolov and Alexey Koshelenko were in the team. The second place in the men relay-race was taken by the joint team Kiev - Sumu, and the third place was taken by the team Kharkov-2 composed of Roman Ivanchenko, Stanislav Omelchenko, Alexandr Zheltogon and Roman Maluga.

In the women's sports the athletes from Kharkov won medals in relay-race: Maria Dolgopolova and Yulia Kromido took the second place in the composition of the joint team Kiev - Kharkov, and the team Kharkov-2 (Vlada Kamkina, Darya Voropaeva, Yulia Semerey and Elena Yakushenko) took the third place.

The Cup of Ukraine in short track was held on December 26 and 27 in Kharkov. 43 athletes from Kharkov, Kiev and Sumi regions arrived for the competition.

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