Ukraine strengthened mode of protection at the Eastern border

Because of the terrorist attacks in Volgograd, the State border Guard Service of Ukraine announced about the strengthening of the control at the border with Russia. At the Ukrainian-Russian border, several special units patrol, carrying out checking of cars from Russia. Special attention is paid to the checking of the border, which is closer to Volgograd. How long such mode of protection will take is not known.

The series of terrorist acts that occurred in Volgograd during December, 29 - 30, took the lives of about 50 people, and another 100 people were injured and are now hospitalized.

In Volgograd the people's meeting’s started. The meeting in Volgograd is currently involving up to 200 people who lit candles after the victims of the explosions.

In Russia, there is five-day mourning after the dead announced.

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