Double attack in Volgograd - 12 more people dead

Another terrorist attack has shaken Volgograd morning. The explosion occurred in bus number 15 near Dzerzhinsky district market in Volgograd. Crowded trolleybus was moving at rush hour from the residential district towards the city center; according to eyewitnesses, there were many students. On the last working day of the year, people were driving to work and study.

The explosion in the passenger trolleybus killed 12 people and wounded about 23 more. Investigators have qualified new explosion as a terrorist act.

According to emergency response team, an unidentified explosive device detonated in the center of the crowded trolleybus. The trolleybus is almost destroyed; the explosive device allegedly was in the center of the vehicle. Widows and walls of the trolleybus are completely absent, the frame is destroyed.

"Trolleybus literally was blown into parts; there are many fragments of human bodies. In the trolleybus itself there are five dead, a large number of human remains,” reports emergency response team.

Investigators say, one of the possible versions is blasting the explosive device planted inside the trolley. The official representative Vladimir Markin said that the investigation also consider the version whereas the attacks on the Volgograd railway station and in the trolleybus are connected. The trolleybus explosion was recorded by the city’s CCTV cameras; now the investigators are seizing these records.

According to the regional government, 12 people are dead. Among the wounded there is a half-year-old child; his condition is extremely grave, reports the Health Ministry press secretary Oleg Salagai. According to preliminary data, 28 people were hospitalized, including six - in critical condition. The survivors include the trolleybus driver, who is in a state of shock.

The explosion shattered windows in neighboring houses. The people are being evacuated for fear of a second explosion in the destroyed trolleybus.

Meanwhile, in the area of the explosion, mobile networks are overloaded as people are trying to reach their loved ones. The city is full of rumors that suicide bombers also blew up a taxi and a minibus router taxi. These rumors are false, but the panic has been sown: people take their children out of school and do not use public transport, getting out of buses and trolleybuses and go on foot.

The Muslim Central Spiritual Directorate called yet other terrorist attack in Volgograd a “monstrous crime”, committed by “criminal fanatics at the instigation of the dastardly provocateurs.”

This is the second blast in Volgograd for the past 24 hours and the third one in three months. On Sunday, a suicide bomber blew himself up at the city’s railway station. The death toll reached 17 people: 14 were killed on the spot, three more - died in hospitals. Two injured in Sunday's terrorist attack on the station were transported to the burn unit of Vishnevsky Institute in Moscow. One of the wounded is a police officer. In total, seven people heavily burnt during the explosion at the station were taken to Moscow, including three in critical condition. The previous explosion happened in Volgograd on October 21. A female native of Dagestan blew herself up in a passenger bus, killing five people.

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