Version of house explosion in Kharkov - component fault and suicide

There are two versions for the explosion that happened in Kharkov at 9, Elektrovoznaya St. on 27 December, reports the Kharkov Regional Prosecutor's Office. According to Deputy Prosecutor Vladimir Suhodubov, these are the faulty gas equipment and incitement to suicide.

Sukhodubov noted that there have been no complaints about a gas leak in apartment number 97. Currently experts are finding out whether gas stove in the kitchen, where the explosion occurred was fault-free.

The investigators arrived at second version after finding a note in the apartment, according to preliminary data, written by the deceased. "The author of the note wrote that he had serious health problems and that he does not want to live. But, in my opinion, this note should get appropriate examination to find out, first of all, who wrote it," said the deputy prosecutor.

An explosion happened on the morning of 27 December 27 in apartment 97, 9 Elektrovoznaya Street, resulting in death of a 48-y.o. man who rented this apartment. The explosion occurred in the kitchen. The yield of the explosion thrown the man out the window. Reconstruction works are now carried out at the scene.

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