Kharkov biathlonists to compete for Olympic medals

Kharkov athletes entered the Ukrainian biathlon team and will go to the Olympic Games in Sochi. To motivate the biathlonists, Kharkov authorities awarded them with certificates for apartments, said Yevgeny Savin, Deputy Head of Kharkov Regional Administration.

"In the nearest future, the 22nd Winter Olympics and 11th Paralympic Games will start. Athletes of Kharkov region are preparing for the Games, too. There is hope that our athletes not only get into the national team, but also win medals at the Olympics. We put our hopes in the biathlon, so by the initiative of Mikhail Dobkin, Governor of the Kharkov region, two candidates for the national team - Sergey Sednev and Natalya Burdyga - received certificates for apartments in Kharkov. Before the competition, we want to motivate them to fight for Olympic medals," said vice-governor.

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