Old trolleybuses will be sunk near Yalta

Yalta Mayor Sergey Ilash said that several large objects, including several decommissioned trolley buses and boats, will be sunk as a part of “Artificial Reefs” program, which will be implemented in Yalta for the first time.

"After everything gets approved, we plan to sink several rather large objects, including boat and decommissioned trolleybuses, near the coast. Such a program will increase the flow of tourists who do diving," said the Mayor.

According to him, creation of the artificial reef complex will greatly improve the ecological state of the Yalta coast.

Project "Artificial reefs in the Gulf of Yalta" has been developed over the past two years. In 2013, the program was presented at the International Forum on the study and preservation of Black Sea underwater cultural heritage, where it was approved by UNESCO representatives.

Coastal zone self-purification technology will be developed based on existing research and international experience.

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