Car explosion in Pyatigorsk, people dead

In Pyatigorsk a car exploded near the Russian Traffic Police building, killing three people and injuring two others. “According to preliminary report, three bystanders were killed," said the press centre of the Interior Ministry.

“On Circassian highway, near Pyatigorsk Traffic Police building and the coatings plant, there was a car explosion of unidentified power. As a result, windows glass got smashed in nearby houses, there are victims," reports the Interior Ministry in the Stavropol region.

The exploded car was parked near the coatings plant "Spectrum” rather than in front of the police building itself.

An improvised shell-less explosive device was installed in the car, say bomb experts from FSB.

Explosion yield was about 50 kilograms of TNT, said a law enforcement source.

"On the site of the explosion there is a crater one meter in length and about 30 centimeters deep," said the source.

A criminal has been case initiated under three articles of the Criminal Code.

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