EU refused to help Ukraine in the first stage of European integration - Azarov

According to the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Ukraine’s negative trade balance with the EU is 10 billion euros. Azarov mentioned that during Ukraine-Russia trade wars, Ukraine did ask for the EU assistance.

"We offered our partners when we had trade issues with Russia - take our rail cars. No, they don’t want to take," said Azarov in his Friday’s interview on the First National TV channel, noting that the EU has refused to increase imports of other key Ukrainian products too.

In the Western Europe the trains run on 1,435 mm tracks, while Russia, CIS, Baltic States and Mongolia railways use 1,524 mm tracks.

Earlier, Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych commented on the text of the EU association agreement, asking Nikolai Azarov to prosecute the officials who prepared the document:

"Officials, who failed to carry out appropriate procedures or to coordinate the agreement with the producer associations, failed to have relevant discussion to get the relevant level of understanding, should be responsible for their work. I am waiting for your proposals."

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