A residential house exploded in Kharkov. One person died

Today early in the morning in the apartment on the last floor of the five-storied house in Elektrovoznaya Street 9, Kharkov the explosion occurred.

According to the report of the assistant of the Head of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations in Kharkov region Igor Lapundin, as a result of the accident the partition on the last floor of the house were partially deformed, and the outer wall is offset for approximately 5 cm.

The explosive wave threw out of the apartment a man (born in 1965), who at the moment of the explosion was in the apartment alone (the victim was a renter). The units of State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations evacuated nine residents of the neighboring apartments on the fifth floor and on the fourth floor.

According to preliminary data of the Prosecutor's Office of Kharkov region, the reason of the explosion was the common gas. The window glasses of the apartment are broken, and the inside walls are destroyed.

According to the report of the deputy chairman of the administration of Ordzhenikidze district Dmitriy Zhukov, now the builders are dismantling the wall between the apartments, which was damaged by the explosive wave. Immediately after the dismantling its reconstruction will begin. "The community services worked quickly. People continue to live as they did. Those residents, who were evacuated immediately after the explosion, returned home in 1-1.5 hour," Dmitriy Zhukov informed. The staff of the community service Kharkovblagoustroystvo clean the premises of the house: collect the broken glass and bricks, which were scattered around the building. The works are also being carried out in the entrance hall, where now the glass in a damaged window is being substituted. The windows of the apartment the workers of the community services cover with a film.

Today on December 27, the first deputy of the Kharkov City Mayor Andrey Paramonov informed that tomorrow the experts will provide the final conclusion of the status of the construction of the house in Elektrovoznaya Street 9, in which the gas explosion occurred today.

According to him, now on the place of the accident the representatives of the Department of Ferroconcrete and Stone Constructions of the Kharkov National Technical University of Construction and Architecture work.

As reported by Andrey Paramonov, all communications of the house are not damaged, the places of common use are partially damaged and the wall between the apartments on the fifth floor is deformed, next to the apartment, in which was the epicenter of the explosion. Now the wall is being dismantled for the reconstruction of it with the bricks. The most seriously affected is the apartment: all the partitions in it are in poor condition, the outer wall is offset by 5 to 7 cm.

Andrey Paramonov says that, according to one of the versions, which explains the reasons of the explosion, there was a gas leak from the burner, after which the match was lit.

The deputy of the City Mayor also reported that the killed man's name is Igor Kusturenko. He was born in 1965. The man rented the affected apartment. The owner of the housing is being questioned at the police.

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