Mikhail Dobkin: the main priority in 2014 will be a person

The Chair of the Kharkov Regional State Administration Mikhail Dobkin declared that in 2014 the social payments, pensions and the minimum salary will be increased. "As in the past years, the main priority in 2014 will be a person. Financing of the social initiatives of the President, increase of the social payments, minimum salary, pensions all of these payments are recorded in the budget for the next year and thanks to the support of the Government, the regional authorities will be implemented without any doubts," the Kharkov Governor noted.

According to him, all the liabilities of the social insurance payments will be repaid. "Thanks to the agreements that were reached in Moscow between the Presidents of the two sovereign states, the financial situation was stabilized, and we finish this year without debts on salaries in the budget sphere and without debts on all social insurance payments," Mikhail Dobkin stressed.

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