Azarov: the people's deputies are not looking forward to approve the law about the equality of sex minorities

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov stated in the air of the live broadcast on the First National TV channel that he believed that the attitude to the only limitation, which exists in Ukraine: the right to enter into same sex marriages, is ambiguous.

"This law is in Verkhovna Rada since February, but no one is willing to proceed to it. Although, everyone knows that this law is connected to the signing of the agreement about visa-free regime. Neither the opposition nor Party of Regions, nor the communists are willing to approve it (this law - ed.). Thus, it is not so simple," Nikolay Azarov said.

In his opinion the rights of the sexual minorities in Ukraine are not restrained.

"Are they restrained by anything? Do we ask about the sexual orientation while hiring for a job? Do we deprive of the wages and civil rights because of the sexual orientation? No," Azarov stated.

"Everyone has a personal point of view. But we know that our Orthodox and the Greek Catholic Church is absolutely against of the adoption of the law," Azarov stated.

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