The trace of the opposition appeared in the case of Chernovol (Video)

As reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD), the Head of the General Investigation Office of MVD of Ukraine Nikolay Chinchin stated that the investigation found out that the detained on the suspicion of beating of the journalist Tatiana Chernovol had close contacts with the member of the political party Udar Yevgeny Ogarkov, and with the deputies of the Kiev Regional Council from Udar Dmitry Kreynin and Igor Opadchiy.

According to him, one of the suspects Sergey Kotenko is the director and the founder of the enterprise, which controlled the TV channel "ТВі".

"Moreover, the connection of the suspects with the People's Deputy of Batkivshchuna Vladimir Polochaninov was stated. The investigation already possesses the data that one of the suspects Aleksandr Kotenko is the member of the gangster group of Savlohov. It was part of the criminal community of Rubalko called Rubka, who was murdered in 2005, with whom the brothers Klichko had close contacts," Chinchin said.

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