Volunteers from Kharkov will work at the Olympic Games 2014

Four students of Kharkov State University People's Ukrainian Academy will go the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2014. They were chosen from 14 applicants of the university. It was announced on the press conference Volunteering at the XXII Winter Olympic and XI Winter Paralympic Games, which will be held in Sochi in 2014. The volunteers were selected from students, graduate students and professors of the university.

According to the press-service of the Kharkov Regional State Administration, every volunteer during the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be able to select one or three areas of activity (there are 10 of them), in which he/she will work such as accommodation of guests and participants; assistance in health-related matters; arrangement of entertainment activities; assistance in caring out of the competitions.

"My goal is to help the traumatized sportsman, who addresses the doctor, and the doctor, who may not know a foreign language, to understand each other," Eduard Mikolaenko, the second-year-student of the Kharkov State University People's Ukrainian Academy, who will be the adviser of the head doctor of the hospital during the Olympic Games, explained.

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