Energy Treaty with Syria will strengthen positions of the Russian Federation

Signing of the contract on joint exploration studies, drilling, processing and production of oil and gas at the coast of Syria strengthened Moscow-Damascus relations.

Chief editor of Syria Report Jihad Yazigi claims, due relations with Damascus, Moscow will strengthen its political position. The agreement, signed by the heads of states on the eve of the January conference in Switzerland, legalized mutual Russian-Syrian relations for 25 years.

Financial Times on this occasion note that the Syrian oil and gas reserves are primarily based in rebel-controlled territories. The Syrian Minister of oil and gas Suleiman Abbas at the summit on signing the agreement announced the act of sabotage of the Eastern oil sector of the country and illegal oil transportation to Turkey.

The agreement with the Russian Federation could mean an additional source of income for the administration of Syria, while for the Russian Federation it is participation in the struggle for Mediterranean energy resources that already Israel, Cyprus, Lebanon, Turkey and other states conduct.

Russian Soyuzneftegaz has recently undertaken financing of expenditure on geodetic research for the sum which is 15 million dollars, drilling - 75 million dollars.

The signing of the Russian-Syrian agreement on offshore exploration and search for oil and gas took place in Damascus on December, 25.


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