30 people died in a car accident

An accident occurred in Thailand. The passenger bus fell from 50-meter-high overpass. There were no foreigners in it.

According to the Third National TV channel of the country, the accident occurred at about midnight local time in the province of Phetchabun (in the mountainous area of the country). Allegedly, the driver did not know the motorway very well. The bus fell from 50-meter-high overpass. At the moment of the accident there were 40 people in the bus.

According to the police, there were no foreign citizens on board of the bus, making the trip from the North-East to the North of Thailand.

On the place of the accident 150 rescue workers work, part of them are rock climbers. For the moment of the release of the TV report on Friday morning, they managed to take away 31 dead and six badly injured people from the place of the accident.

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