The takeoff and landing complex is being reconstructed in the airport of Odessa

The state will attract the credit funds for the reconstruction of the takeoff and landing complex in Odessa international airport. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the corresponding resolutions.

Thus, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine will attract the credit provided for the state insurance arrangements in the amount of $1,676 million UAH for the implementation of the project of the reconstruction and construction of the airfield complex. For the reconstruction 3,85 million UAH more will be spent by the public enterprise Odessa International Airport.

According to the adopted order, during the first two years the loan will be paid at the expense of the State budget. After 25% of the credit is paid the obligation for payment of the loan will be taken by the public enterprise.

The term of the project fulfillment is a bit more than two years.

Let us remind the reconstruction of the airport in Odessa is planned in the framework of the State program of the preparation for the European championship in basketball in 2015.

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