The Court of Appeal left Igor Markov in prison (Photo)

On December 27 the Court of Appeal of Kiev left the decision of Pechersk District Court dated 16 December unchanged, according to which Igor Markov will remain in prison till February 13.

The press service of Igor Markov informed that such decision was taken by the judges Efimova and Bratashchuk presided by the judge Bets.

In the course of consideration of the issue the judges rejected all the applications of the defense, including an application to replace the two judges, who participated in consideration of the previous appeal of Markov, as well as the application for the video recording in the courtroom.

Igor Markov was not present in the courtroom during the process and participated in the process with the help of conference call.

The lawyer Alexandr Kazarnovskiy explained that they argued the need to release Markov indicating to a number of frame-ups in the case. In particular, the investigation provided the court the notice that notification about the suspicion of the attack of the nationalists was handed to Markov alleged on October 18, although in fact it was handed to him only on October 22. Moreover, this notice has information about the officials of the public prosecutor's office that were involved in this case much later.

In addition, according to Kazarnovskiy, he once again reminded the court that the ordinance itself about the reopening of the case on Markov was issued by an investigator illegally, as previously the legality of closing of this case was confirmed by the courts of 3 instances.

It is worth mentioning that it did not take the judges too much time to make the decision: they spent not more than 10 minutes in the decision room. For comparison, it was spent 30 minutes to discuss the petition for the disqualification of a judge.

As was reported, Igor Markov , the leader of the party Rodina was arrested for being involved in the beating of the participants of the picket in Odessa in 2007. On October 29 the District Administrative Court of Odessa rejected the suit of the member of the party Rodina Igor Markov against the speaker of Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Ribak. Markov wanted to recognize the decision of the speaker to block his voting card illegal.

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