Ukraine is getting ready to join the Customs Union

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine developed detailed time schedule, which stipulates consideration of the agreement about joining the Customs Union. According to this document, the agreement will be reviewed in February 2014 and in March the agreement on Eurasian Customs Commission will be additionally considered.

The Ministry of Economic Development was working on the document by order of the Prime Minister Azarov №39383/1/1-13 dated October 12, 2013. The time schedule consists of 81 articles of agreements on the customs policy, tariff and non-tariff regulation, tax policy, services, intellectual property, information exchange, technical regulation, labor migration and investments.

Although the government of Ukraine has yet to make the final decision of the specified document, its original was sent to all the bodies of executive authority as well as to the representative office of the Cabinet of Ministers with the Eurasian Commission and to the government representative on the issues of cooperation with Russia, the CIS countries and Eurasian economic community Valery Muntiyan.

The ministries of Ukraine had to supply their positions regarding the considered document at the government session in October, but it is possible that those were considered as a part of a block of issues with restricted access.

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