Ukraine will talk to Europe only with participation of Russia - Azarov

On air of the "First National" TV channel Nikolay Azarov said that the possibility of negotiations on signing the association agreement with the EU depends on the fulfillment of the conditions of Ukraine, particularly, conducting the negotiations in trilateral format with participation of Russia.

Azarov said that two other categorical conditions were compensation after possible signing of the agreement and participation of Europe in modernization of gas-transport system of the country.

"It all depends on the EU, the Eurocommission. Out conditions are very simple: we offered trilateral format ... Russia agreed, now it's up to the Eurocommission. As soon as these issues are solved, we will immediately see the prospects of singing the association agreement," said the Ukrainian Premier.

«Все зависит от ЕС, Еврокомиссии. Наши условие предельно простые - мы предложили трехсторонний формат... Россия дала согласие, теперь дело за Еврокомиссией. Как только эти вопросы решатся, сразу же появится перспектива подписания СА», - заявил украинский премьер.

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