Police raids the top officials of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties, Sevastopol office

In the night of December 25 the offices of the Ministry of State Revenues and Duties in Sevastopol were raided, reported one of the local users on Internet forum.

According to the source, the searches were conducted by officers of the Prosecutor General's Office and the Security Service of Ukraine. In the course of investigative and operational activities, only offices of the top management were searched.

According to yet unconfirmed information, $100,000 was found in the office of Yuri Karpov, Head of the Regional Office of the Ministry. Some $16,000 was found in the safe of Valery Artemenko, head of one of the departments.

According to a source in law enforcement structures, the searches were conducted within the criminal proceedings opened against one of the agency employees, arrested while receiving a $200,000 bribe.

According to investigators, the bribe was given for termination of tax evasion cases in respect of the developers who run a construction project for large-scale (over 4 hectares) complex in Sevastopol.

According to preliminary data, the case concerns Yevgeny Kaz’min, Sevastopol city council deputy, Valery Krishtahl, businessman, and Anatoly Mazur, former employee of one of the law enforcement agencies in the Autonomy. The latter, according to rumors, was the person who bribed the detained employee of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties in Sevastopol.

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