Blind Diana Gurtskaya denied US visa because of glasses

US Embassy in Moscow refused to take the documents of the female singer with the attached photo of the singer in glasses for the blind.

Diana with her husband and children decided to celebrate the New Year in the United States. Earlier the spouse of the star, lawyer Peter Kucherenko, submitted visa documents to the embassy, but the representatives of the US in Russia refused Diana. Visa for Diana wasn’t approved due to presence of “glasses for the blind” in the picture.

Peter and Diana were outraged by the refusal. 35-year-old husband of Gurtskaya compiled an official letter addressed to US Ambassador McFaul asking to solve the question.

"It's amazingly politically incorrect case, all documents and previous visas of Diana were made with her wearing dark glasses, because the glasses is not a fad or a whim. This is the life of my wife, life full of challenges. We want to make a family trip to the United States so that our son can be acquainted with the landmarks and for Diana to participate in socially significant event dedicated to the rights of disabled people worldwide. I absolutely insist on apology to Diana, who is extremely surprised at the attitude of the US Embassy,” writes Kucherenko.

Peter said that if the situation were not resolved in their favor, he would ask for cancellation of visas for other members of their family, too.

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