“Inter” TV channel loses its journalists

Journalists, corresponding to the Administration of the President, decided to cease cooperation with the “Inter” TV channel. They refused to comment on the decision. According to their colleagues of the TV channel, the journalists’ reason for the departure was the censorship.

So-called victims of censorship that left “Inter” became Igor Shuvalov, journalist Olga Chervakova, Executive Director Lawrence Malazonia and the Director of National Information Systems Nazim Bedirov.

Having written a letter of resignation, Lawrence Malazonia with his companions is going to start a new News channel.

After Lawrence Malazonia the new Executive Director of TV channel “Inter” became Anton Nikitin, now performing the functions of the chief editor of the TV channel.

«Our (TV channel «Inter») brand products «Details» and «Details of the Week» should not only keep the weight and influence, and become absolute leaders of the information broadcasting», Nikitin said.

Earlier Anton Nikitin managed the company «National information systems.


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