For the first time in the world the law "On the protection of the rights of conceived baby and pregnant woman" was adopted in Spain

The Council of Ministers of Spain adopted the law "On the protection of the rights of conceived baby and pregnant woman". According to this law, it is planned to prohibit abortion in the country and protect unborn babies.

In accordance with the legal procedure, in order for the law to enter into force, it needs to be adopted via voting in the Congress of Spain, where the ruling conservative People's Party constitutes the majority.

The ruling People's Party, which came to power in December and has the absolute majority in the Spanish parliament, plans to implement the law, which will override the existing legislation. In particular, the Minister of Justice of Spain Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón announced about his disagreement with the existing legislation.

"I cannot understand, how the embryo stopped being defended, allowing abortions only because there is a defect or a genetic violation," Ruiz-Gallardón stated in his interview given to the newspaper La Rаzоn.

The previous government of the socialists approved the law in 2010, which allowed women to interrupt pregnancy before 14 weeks, or before 22 weeks in the case the embryo had a serious genetic anomaly (as in most of the European countries).

If the law is passed, an abortion will no longer be the right of a woman and again will become a crime, the punishment for which could be avoided in the case the law stipulates the exceptions.

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