There is new Patriarch in Belarus

The Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church has appointed a new Patriarch of the Belorussian Orthodox Church. Instead of Minsk Metropolitan and Slutskiy Philaret (Vakhromeev), who was the Patriarch exarch in Belarus for 35 years, headed the Belorussian Orthodox Church and resigned by his own petition due to reaching the age of 75 years, the Russian Metropolitan Pavel (Ponomarev) was appointed.

During the Patrimonial Council of 2009 Metropolitan Philaret, who was elected one of the contenders for the patriarchal altar, passed his votes in favor of Metropolitan Smolenskiy and Kaliningradskiy Kirill (the current Patriarch).

Metropolitan Philaret will still be able to participate in the meetings of the Holy Synod according to his resolution. Metropolitan Philaret was also appointed "the honorary Patriarch exarch of the whole Belarus".

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