10-meter-high Christmas tree made of bottles was opened in Noviy Svet

Yesterday the tallest Christmas tree in Ukraine made of vine bottles was opened in Noviy Svet. The record of the Crimean Christmas tree made of bottles was recorded by the official representative of Ukrainian Book of Records Andrei Cherniavsky, who personally measured the height of the original Christmas tree.

According to Cherniavsky, Christmas tree made of vine bottles, installed at the champagne factory Noviy Svet, is unique for Ukraine, and its exact height is 10.31 meters.

14 people worked during a week on the construction of the pyramid-shaped Christmas tree made of bottles. The basis for the construction is the metal frame, which makes the tree stable. It took almost 6 thousand bottles of champagne, used after the visitors' of the factory wine tasting, to create a masterpiece.

Let us remind that earlier such a record was set by Christmas tree made of wine bottles, installed in one of the shopping centers of Kiev in 2012.

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