The national parks and reserves were presented with the cars Niva and UAZ

The autoparks of a number of national natural parks and reserves were upgraded: new vehicles were purchased for them at the expense of the State Fund of Nature Protection.

According to the press-service of the Ministry of Ecology, the keys from the new vehicles Niva and UAZ were given to 12 institutions of the nature reserve fund.

Nivas were presented to the national parks Buzhskiy Grad, Kremenetskie Goru, Oleshkovskie Peski, Beloberzhe Svyatoslava, Verkhovinskiy, Sinevir, Hotunskiy, Vuzhnitskiy and Opusskiy national park.

UAZs enriched the autoparks of Chernomorsk and Karpatskiy national parks and the nature reserve Drevlyanskiy.

It is planned that in 2014 all the institutions of the nature reserve fund will be provided with the new transport.

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