Chernovol was beaten by the supporters of Euromaidan

According to the sources in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the public activist Tatiana Chernovol was beaten by a few guys, belonging to the golden youth of Kiev.

As reported by the newspaper Vesti, on the motor-way Kiev-Borispol Chernovol ran into their expensive car, which the young people intended to sell.

"The owner of Porsche already gave the testimony. He reported that Chernovol ran into him first, and then she did not want to go out of the car. The conflict could have been avoided if the owner had not intended to sell the car. Because of this the people from Porsche lost control and attacked Tatiana," the newspaper informs with reference to the source.

31-year-old Kiev resident Alexandr Khramtsov is among the arrested in connection with the beating (Porsche is registered for his name in databases - the vehicle identification number could be read on the video, recorded by the dashboard camera of Chernovol's car, which filmed the entire episode).

"Sasha Khramtsov is a well-known person among the golden youth. He is the graduate of Kyiv Mohyla Academy and plays football with the people's deputy from Batkivshchina Vladimir Polochaninov (the deputy confirmed this acquaintance). Not for the record the friends of Khramtsov informed that "Sasha earned money in printing industry and by printing on t-shirts. But his main earnings were sports stakes and poker. At the expense of the winnings he hung out in night clubs, flew to the Dominican Republic for the holidays and purchased a second-hand Porsche. The friends of Khramtsov are shocked with the charges of beating the journalist. Moreover, Khramtsov often went to Euromaidan and was an activist there," Vesti reported.

The friend of Khramtsov, the rapper Sergey Kotenko, is on the wanted list. The common photos of Khramtsov and Kotenko in social networks prove their close friendship.

"29-year-old Kotenko is officially unemployed, but earns money selling the cars. And, apparently, also belongs to the high society hang out. The graduate of the department of law of the University of Culture and Arts in the photos in social networks is drinking wine and hanging out with the singer Anna Sedokova and her ex-husband Maxim Chernyakhovskiy in the USA," Vesti writes.

There is information that in spring 2013 the company Keiko Ukraine, which participated in the scheme of change of the property of ТВIі TV channel, was registered in the name of Kotenko.

"Judging from the video from the dashboard camera, those were absolutely spontaneous actions of the laity, who made grave mistakes. The major one is that the dashboard camera remained where it was, as a result the video became available to the public. The professionals, acting, for example by the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, would not have allowed that to happen. In addition, why did they hit in the face? This takes time and leaves signs. It is enough to make one blow in one of the vital organs not to leave a sign. It is clear that they vented aggression or wanted to teach a lesson. The fact that they did not intend to kill the journalist is seen by the character of the injuries," Ukrainska Pravda cited the point of view on the incident of the ex-staff member of the Security Service of Ukraine, who preferred to remain anonymous.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the police identified three people involved in the attack of Chernovol. Two of them were detained and are being investigated, and the third one (Sergey Kotenko) is on the wanted list.

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