The workers of the budget sphere of Kharkov region will be paid the salary before the end of the year

The Head of Kharkov Regional State Administration Mikhail Dobkin informed on December 25 that in all budgetary organizations of Kharkov region the salary will be fully paid before the end of the year.

"We have fully provided funding till the end of the year at the expense of those funds, which we will not be able to realize in this year because the Treasury will not transfer the payments. The Ministry of Finance approved these changes. We transferred funds to the payment fund for the employees of the budget organizations and are able to attract additional 90 million UAH for payment of the salaries. Additionally, own resources of the local self-government bodies give us the opportunity to count on the fact that the salary will be fully paid by the end of the year in all budgetary organizations in all, without exceptions, settlements of Kharkov region," the governor noted.

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