Kiev City Hall blames stealing the New Year decorations on the protesters

The worker of Kiev City State Administration informed the police about the disappearance of the New Year decorations. The press secretary of the police of the capital Olga Biluk has reported that the worker of Kiev City State Administration called the police and said that in the evening of the previous day he had seen the protesters decorating the Christmas tree, which had been installed near the Administration, with the decorations that looked like the ones that were kept in the store room of the column hall of the Administration.

“He ascended to check that fact and saw that the door was really broken and part of the decorations was missing. He reported that to the police. The information is registered in the General Register and the checkup is being held,” Biluk told.

According to her, in the course of the checkup the stolen decorations and the sum of the loss will be identified. The issue regarding opening of the criminal case according to the article "Theft" is being considered.

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